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New Feature | Track Music Stats

Find out which songs are played the most, what are your top-selling tracks and most popular albums, and get valuable insights to make more informed decisions.

The Tracks over Time report shows when your tracks received the most plays, shares, purchases, and downloads, over a selected time period. You can use this report to:

  • See how many sales your tracks attract over time, and how this compares to the previous period.

  • Learn more about your listeners, where they are located by country, and the devices they use to access your music.

Top Tracks

Your Top Tracks report displays your best performing tracks in terms of plays, shares, purchases, and sales.

You can use this report to:

  • Find out which tracks generate the most sales.

  • Discover how many times a track has been played in comparison to a previous period, to understand if actions you've taken have impacted plays

Top Albums

Your Top Albums report shows your best performing albums in terms of plays, shares, subscriptions, and sales over specific time periods. Use this report to:

  • Discover which albums your visitors engage with most.

  • See if engagement with your album has changed over different time periods, to understand if actions you've taken have increased or decreased sales.

Contact or call (860) 967-5301 for more information about this feature!


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