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infinitdesigns is a full-service website, graphic design, digital signage, and video editing marketing company.

How we began

In 2010, prior to its expansion into marketing, the company solidified itself within the entertainment industry, opening its doors to underground artists all around the world. Alcatraz Nation, in collaboration with Alcatraz Records (a New England record label) and its counterpart, Alcatraz Radio (a media partner streaming service), grew in expansion to a staggering 1 million+ listener base.


With more than 80 countries tuning in daily, Alcatraz Radio quickly gained momentum within just a 6-month timespan, streaming in all areas of the eastern and western hemispheres. In 2011, Alcatraz Radio released its first mobile app. The app gave listeners the ability to stream music across all devices and watch high-quality video streams at their leisure. Video streams included performances from up-and-coming singers, DJs, comedians, talk show hosts, and magicians at various locations around the globe.


Every project is an opportunity to learn, figure out problems or challenges, and invent to reinvent.

How we evolved

Shortly after the app's release, Alcatraz Nation utilized its following and expanded further into the marketing and promotion of its performers. Various services were added, and increased exposure was delivered amongst all social media platforms.

In 2012, Alcatraz Nation quickly joined forces with a reputable digital signage company in order to pursue a more "up and coming" service within the marketing industry. Over the course of 7 years, both companies installed, scheduled, and created cutting-edge visual experiences for millions of eyes across the globe.

Image by Sean Sinclair

With 10+ years serving some of the world's most successful businesses nationwide, infinitdesigns has built a reputation around achieving the impossible.

Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

How we pivoted

During the height of COVID-19, all operations came to a screeching halt. Alcatraz Nation decided it was paramount for the company to rebrand, focusing its energy on the consumers’ needs while filling in the gap that other competing agencies were falling short to achieve. On August 10, 2019, infinitdesigns was launched. The company quickly adapted itself by gathering remote 3rd party vendors and freelancers to assist with its projects. This allowed the company to provide an unmatched quality service at a much lower rate for the saturated market of start-up businesses that were launched during the pandemic.


Today, the company thrives, holding customer experiences at the very core of its existence, while continuing to partner itself with the most creative minds in the industry to push ingenuity to the next level in all ways that may seem impossible.

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