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New Feature | Business Phone Number

Boost your customer service by giving multiple agents the ability to make and answer calls on your business phone number at the same time. Available in the U.S. and Canada.

To manage multiple call agents:

  1. Go to Business Phone Number in your site's dashboard to access your settings.

  2. Click the Call Agents tab.

  3. Choose what you want to do:

Add Call Agents

  1. Click +Add an Agent.

  2. Enter the Name of the new agent.

  3. Enter the Phone Number of the new agent.

  4. Set the Agent's Call Hours:

    • Default Hours: Your agent's call hours are defined in the Call Hours tab.

    • Custom Hours: Customize your agent's call hours.

      1. Click the Receive Calls 24/7 toggle to set your custom hours.

      2. Click the TimeZone drop-down and select the relevant timezone.

      3. Select the checkbox next to the relevant days and adjust the hours to your needs. Tip: Click the Add icon to add multiple time slots to the same day.

5. Click Next.

6. Enter the Email of the new agent.

7. Click Send Invite.

Edit Existing Agents

  1. Click the Show More icon .

  2. Choose what you want to do:

    • Edit Call Agent: Change the details of your agents (name, phone number, call hours) and click Save.

    • Resend Invite: The permissions status of your agent is Limited Agent until they accept your invite. You can resend the invite if they did not accept it.

Delete Existing Agents

  1. Click the Show More icon .

  2. Click the Delete icon .

  3. Click Remove.


Contact or call (860) 967-5301 for more information about this feature!


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