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New Feature | Sell On Amazon

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Add Amazon as a sales channel to your store, manage orders and inventory from your dashboard. (Please note, to sell on Amazon, you need to have an Amazon Sellers account).

Match your product to an existing Amazon product: Amazon has a catalog of existing products. You can sell on Amazon if you successfully match one of those products. Note that many brand-name products do not appear in the catalog.

Create a new product: You can go through the process of submitting your own product for sale on Amazon. Note that Amazon may not authorize all products.

Step 1 | Create Your Amazon Sellers Account

Click the link to set up your account

Step 2 | Connect Your Store to

When you're done, you'll see all of your products from each marketplace listed in the Amazon tab in your dashboard. Later, you can decide which products you want to sell on Amazon and which of your Amazon products you want to sell in your store.

Step 3 | Choose Your Default Amazon Shop Settings

Manage how inventory is restocked in your Amazon shop, how Amazon orders are fulfilled, and more.

Step 4 | Offer Wix Stores Products on Amazon

In the Amazon tab, the Unpublished products are your Website store products that you don't yet sell on Amazon.

Step 5 | Link Existing Amazon Products to Your Wix Store

If you've been selling on Amazon, and you now want to manage your Website store and Amazon stores in one place, you can link the products.

In the Amazon tab, the Unlinked to Wix products are your live Amazon products that are not connected to a product in your Wix store.

Contact or call (860) 967-5301 for more information about this feature!


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