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New Feature | Gift Cards

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Increase sales in your store and boost your brand by selling digital gift cards. They're a great way to get new customers and keep existing customers coming back again and again.

Step 1 | Enabling gift cards

To get started, go to the Gift Card tab to enable gift cards on your site. Once you have done so, the Editor will open in a new browser tab with a new Gift Card page. The page is not visible to site visitors until you publish.

Step 2 | Customize your gift card settings

Your gift card comes already set up with a default gift card name, description, gift card amounts, a default expiration setting, and the following default gift card image:

Step 3 | Customize the email sent to gift card recipients

When a customer purchases and sends a gift card, the recipient receives an email letting them know about it. You can customize the look of this email.

Step 4 | Customize your site's gift card page

Now go to the Editor to set up the gift card page. The gift card page is where customers can purchase gift cards.

Contact or call (860) 967-5301 for more information about this feature!


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