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New Feature | FSD-LIVE

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Stream live webinars & meetings directly from your website. Create, manage, host, and record your online events with a fully integrated solution.

Chat with your guests and send emoticon reactions. Meeting participants can also share their screens. FSD-LIVE is a great way to host live online meetings and webinars.

The FSD-LIVE video page has two views. When a participant first arrives on the page, they see the waiting view. After clicking to join, participants get to the live video view:

Contact your infinitdeesigns webmaster for a fully customized background, color, font, and more on both views.

When ready, coordinate with a fullservicedesigns webmaster, or log in and click Start Video to begin the LIVE stream.

Prefer to use a 3rd party platform on an existing account? No problem, our systems have partnered up with Zoom to offer our customers a more familiar option.


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