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New Feature | Coupon Management

You can now view all your coupons in a table with search and filter functions. This new display lets you manage your coupons quickly and more efficiently.

What kinds of coupons can I create?

  • $ Discount: Offer a fixed price discount, (e.g. $10 off)

  • % Discount: Offer a discount as a percentage, (e.g. 20% off)

  • Free Shipping: Reward customers with free shipping

  • Sale Price: Offer products at a specific price (e.g. Buy t-shirts for only $12)

  • Buy X Get Y Free: Offer free products when making a purchase (e.g. buy 4 cupcakes, get the 5th one free)

How can I send coupons to customers?

You can send coupons to your contacts and customers in a variety of ways.

Send an email marketing campaign including a coupon

Promote your special offer in a marketing email. Email Marketing offers you lots of stunning templates that you can edit and make your own. Tell your customers about your special offer and include your coupon code.

Automatically send coupons when customers perform an action

Use Automations to send discount coupons whenever a customer performs a particular action. You choose which of your coupons you send and what triggers it to be sent automatically. For example, you send a coupon when:

- A site visitor signs up as a member

- A customer makes a purchase

- A customer abandons a cart

Send coupons by chat or email

If you are communicating with a site visitor by email or chat, you can easily send coupons directly from your Inbox to customers you're communicating with.

Can I control how a coupon is used?

Yes. When you create a coupon, you can set it to be valid for a limited time or limit the number number of times it can be used (e.g. the first 100 customers will get 50% off). Additionally, you can deactivate your coupons at any time and reactivate them with one click when you're ready to offer the same promotion again

How can I send coupons to customers?

All customers need to do to take advantage of your special offers is to enter the promo code on the cart or checkout page and click Apply. The reduction is automatically calculated.

How are coupons applied to product subscription?

By default, coupons are not applied to subscription products.

You can, however, allow customers to apply coupons to subscriptions by selecting the Include subscriptions checkbox when creating a coupon.

Contact or call (860) 967-5301 for more information about this feature!


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