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As a restaurateur, you’re always looking for ways to engage your customers to increase loyalty and inspire repeat visits but the incredible rise of technology in consumers hands makes it hard to cut through and create engagement. Digital signage in QSR has an immediate and lasting impact with consumers, connecting the digital experience in the restaurant to the mobile device. The most innovative companies are not only deploying Digital Menu Boards (DMB) but using a variety of sizes of screens and types of interactions to engage with their hungry patrons. Here are a few ways that digital signage is being utilized in restaurants:


The windows of your restaurant are the first and best place to engage a potential diner. Bright, vibrant visuals of popular items or limited time offers (LTOs) can entice your target customer to walk or drive into your restaurant. The most innovative restaurants are utilizing this type of technology.

Image by Sean Sinclair
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Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards are becoming standard for retailers for two important reasons: prices have come down dramatically with the advent of Cloud and System on Chip (SoC) technologies, and consumers have come to expect technology in every store, impacting their perception of the brand as soon as they walk in.

Small Displays

Small screens at the “Point of Purchase” can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Affordable, dynamic screens can be deployed throughout the line to influence consumer decisions or on the back of the PoS terminal to advertise a drink or side. 72% of purchases are made at the point of decision.

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