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Promotional Products | LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Make a good overall impression, right down to custom packaging & easily gain brand exposure. We're promotional product experts, ordering is easy. Check out our featured deals this month!

Custom Shipping Boxes

Minimum Order (25)

Originally: $3.50 ea.

Now: $2.62 ea.

Full Color

Inside & Outside Imprints

Free Sample (Optional)

Sale Ends 11/30

Store your biggest packages and heaviest loads in our durable custom shipping boxes. They are made of sturdy and sustainable corrugated cardboard that protects your customer orders.

Keep your brand top-of-mind with every box you send out. Customize every detail on the shipping box so that recipients are excited to receive and unbox their orders.


These RSC boxes (Regular Slotted Container) arrive pre-glued for easy assembly. Fold the flaps down to the middle before sealing the bottom with tape. They are made of sturdy and sustainable cardboard that protects your products during transit.

  • Wine shipping boxes

  • Clothing & apparel shipping boxes

  • Bulk shipping boxes for multiple items

  • Food, grocery & produce shipping boxes


Our custom shipping boxes take only 20 - 25 business days to produce. This gives us enough time to check your artwork, correct any technical issues, print, cut, glue, and pack your shipping boxes before we ship them. Your shipping boxes will be delivered to your door within a few days after we ship them.

Producing samples takes only 5 business days.

Die-Cut Flyers

Minimum Order (250)

Originally: $1.00 ea.

Now: $0.52 ea.

Full Color

Front & Back Imprints

​Free Sample (N/A)

Sale Ends 11/30

Die-cut flyer printing: Promotional tools that really stand out.

Let's face it - your ordinary run-of-the-mill flyers tend to look all alike. Sometimes, you need a little extra. This is why you need to look for flyer printing services that give you more customization options for sizes, stocks, coatings, and die-cut shapes. Fortunately, the interesting shapes and rounded edges on our die-cut flyers provide a hint of class and a way for your materials to stand out! Matte or glossy flyers make excellent promotional tools. Trade shows, product and event promotions, and invites are just some of their more common uses.

Most of our die-cut flyers come in the standard 4x6" size, except for the circle which has a circumference of 4"; choose from three durable card stocks and order in quantities of 250 to 100,000. We use 28" Komori offset presses for color flyer printing, ensuring your first prints look consistent!

For online flyer printing, the standard turnaround is 3 business days, shipping time not included. Place orders in advance to avoid additional expenses!

Clothing Hang Tags

Minimum Order (25)

Originally: $1.19 to $4.35

Now: $0.57 to $3.29

Full Color

Flat or Folded Imprints

Free Sample (N/A)

Sale Ends 11/30

Die-cut flyer printing: Promotional tools that really stand out.

Different clothing brands have different personalities. It makes sense to have clothing hangtags that match them. With a wide selection of different sizes, shapes, and cardstocks, you're sure to find a combination of custom clothing tag specs that will match both your product and your brand persona.

Clothing Hang Tag Sizes and Materials

Custom printing clothing hang tags lets you personalize your brand with a wide range of options. Garment swing tags are printed on durable cardstocks that do not easily tear or crease:

  • 14 pt. cardstock - gloss, matte, high gloss (UV), high gloss (UV) front/uncoated back

  • 16 pt. cardstock – gloss, and matte

  • 17 pt. cardstock – uncoated

Use thick card stocks with a glossy finish for a vibrant look suited for modern brands. The matte finish gives a non-reflective yet elegant look that’s perfect for classic or luxurious clothing. If you want to go ultra-modern, choose the high gloss (UV) finish for a mirror-like shine that captures attention. Or go for an uncoated card stock that gives off a natural, rustic vibe.

Infinitdeesigns’ clothing hang tags come in a range of standard and custom sizes—from 2" x 2" to 8.5" x 11”. Choose between flat and folded options that you can use for a variety of garments from scarves to jackets. Since hang tags are versatile, you can also use them for small items such as accessories and jewelry, or large retail items such as sports equipment & camping gear.

Add hole drilling (in your choice of size and location) to easily attach it with a string to your products. Strings are not included in the order.

Custom Stickers

Minimum Order (25-250)

Originally: $1.52 to $2.99

Now: $0.52 to $1.15

Full Color

Front Imprint

Free Sample (N/A)

Sale Ends 11/30

Custom Sticker-Printing Makes Your Brand Stick

Custom sticker printing is a go-to marketing strategy for good reason. Stickers add personality to product packaging or make great giveaways that cultivate brand impressions. Anyone impressed with the sticker design will place your organization’s custom sticker on their laptop or notebook cover. Printing custom stickers for your business is an eye-catching way to spread your message and boost brand visibility. With all the different shapes, sizes, and materials available, what type of stickers would best suit your business?

Customize the Shape of Your Stickers

Custom-shaped stickers are available in several die-cut shape options including Square/Rectangle, Circle, Oval, Arch, Hexagon, Heart, and Starburst.

You can also opt for a custom shape. Upload your logo or artwork and we'll provide you a proof to show how we will cut around it. No need to worry about the deadline! The printing time for custom shapes usually takes 6 business days.

Our custom stickers are affordable, precisely cut, and made from high-quality materials.

Vinyl Banner

Minimum Order (1)

Originally: $23.48 ea.

Now: $13.78 ea.

Full Color

Front & Back Imprint

Free Sample (N/A)

Sale Ends 11/30

Proudly market your business with custom printed Vinyl Banners.

Grab customers’ attention quickly with custom vinyl banner printing.

Placing vinyl banners near your store allows you to catch and sustain people’s interest—quickly and effectively. Advertise your latest promotion or extended store hours. You can also display these at high-traffic events like trade shows to draw attention to your booth.

Often large and conspicuous, banners point customers to your business without the usual high advertising costs. Vinyl banner printing is a one-off job that you can use over and over again.

What can vinyl banners do for my business?

Brand awareness. Before customers can do business with you, they first need to know that you exist. Hanging a vinyl banner near your store makes it easier for customers to find you and know what products or services you offer.

Easy customization. Your brand competes with several other businesses offering the same products and services. With different customization options, vinyl banners allow you to stand out from the competition.

Quick turnarounds. Banners can be printed within one business day. They are easy and quick to produce, making them perfect as a last-minute advertising solution.

Versatile. Vinyl posters can be used for any type of event. From trade shows and conferences to mall sales and music festivals, vinyl banners can be placed anywhere there’s high traffic for maximum visibility.

Contact or call (860) 967-5301 for more information about these deals!


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