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Streamlining and speeding up communications with staff and students are among the many benefits digital signage offers to public and private education facilities. Couple this with cost efficiencies across the board – from print material savings through to time effectiveness, it is no wonder the Education sector is one of the highest adopters of digital signage. The last few years has seen a seismic shift in the hardware used in the digital signage market, with organizations choosing to move away from purchasing expensive PCs behind displays. Throughout the technological hardware changes the market has gone, and will continue to go through, Signagelive has ensured that our platform remains compatible with as many possible devices; from the Samsung and LG system on chip devices (SoC) through to stand alone media players including IAdea and Chrome. These advancements have resulted in dramatic decreases in maintenance costs. 


The entrance to your building is your first opportunity to engage both employees, pupils and parents alike. Videowalls are a very popular way to deliver the “wow” experience by creating a large canvas for your messaging, whether it’s company branding or a custom welcome message during school Open days.

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Image by Sean Sinclair
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Emergency messaging is a vitally important feature for any Educational establishment. Interrupt messages as required whether that is a fire alarm or during the annual sports day for the winning house / team congratulations. Interrupts can be triggered manually from a web page or physical button.

Student Showcase

Simple yet effective way of creating student solidarity. Where else would pieces of their Artwork be shown publicly unless they become the future Monet or Dali? This can be mixed in with college ranking in the state for sports or academic achievements and give greater visibility to all visitors of benefits of one college over another.

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Save time printing menus out every day / week. Whether it is the lunch specials in the campus cafeteria or nutritional information, all can be changed quickly and effectively through digital signage.


Open days are important times for the college and students alike. Ensure everyone has the best experience in finding the right place they need to get to. Send directions to your mobile so you don’t have to remember the way. Essential feature for big campuses. Screens can be repurposed as required after such days.

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